Internet & Networking

CTS can setup and configure your computers to connect to the internet either through wired or wireless connections. Is  your internet slow or do you lose connection a lot? CTS can help you troubleshoot your internet connection and advise on any necessary changes if needed.

CTS can also help with your network needs, it doesn’t matter if you need a simple network with two or three computers or a complex network with fifty to a hundred computers. CTS can design, install or upgrade your network today. CTS will work around your needs and budget to setup the very best network possible.

CTS offers per hour, per job and contract rates on all of our networking services.

Do you have a new computer and would like to install a wireless access point in your home or office?
Are you a business, school or organization that would like to connect all your computers together?
Are you a business, school or organization that would like for all your users to be able to print to one or all the printers in the office?
Do you have a new server and want to setup a domain with Microsoft Active Directory?
Is your network safe from the internet and hackers?
Do you have a network and you are not sure what to do with the network?
Do you have one or more computers and would like for them to share your internet connection?
Would you like to move from a dial up internet connection to a high speed DSL or Cable Modem?
Are you a business, school or organization that wants more speed out of your local network?
Is your networking question not listed? (Contact CTS and we can help)

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need CTS!

Contact CTS today for a free, no obligation estimate on the rate or contract that will best fit your needs and budget.